Been in my room for 80+ hours straight… +- a class

*expletive* at my not going to ask more questions at hydrology and *expletive* at my obsession with a freaking singer.

Gotta make a game plan for:

– Getting one website online and doing mockups of another by Wednesday
– Getting a pset done by Monday, then another by Tuesday
– A lab report (or two…) by Tuesday
– Getting over my little problem of solidifying my story’s hero’s past in a way that I like, and well WRITING that whole thing…

And I’m not even doing that much this term! Crazy!

I’m going to post some cool vids I found (that are more my style than that singer’s music I mentioned yesterday… don’t know if I HAVE a style really though, these are quite different) and then go do my laundry. And then go grocery shopping. And then sit SOMEWHERE ELSE to finish these hydrology and ecology psets. For REAL. (And I might have gotten out earlier if THAT MOUSE hadn’t gone into my room and woken and kept me up at 5 IN THE MORNING…)

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