4 Day Weekend… from HELL, in HELL

To say that last week was busy would be putting it mildly.

There were four problem sets, three lab reports, and a presentation due over five days. One of those lab reports was 20% of our grade in one class. Needless to say, I only made it to class on Monday (3/3), Wednesday afternoon (so 1/2), Thursday afternoon (so 1/4), and Friday (1/1). Tuesday was just a no go. And Wednesday, I hadn’t eaten before my four hour lab class, so by the time it was 6 PM my stomach was literally tearing a hole in me or something. I have never starved, like three days no food living in poverty starved, but I think I might start buying extra food or something to give to those people on the street. It’s a horrible place to be in.

(It was really strange when I started eating though – couscous – and then try some chickpeas and suddenly the stomach pain gets worse and this feeling like might-faint feeling comes over, like while you’re eating? There’s probably something wrong with that. Never again…)

This happened partly because of my meal plan, which gives me one meal a day, but also leads to me buying less food for myself in the dorm… and then during a busy week, when’s there time to go for a grocery run?

No time to go buy clothes for the fall – no pants other than these lounge-type sweatpants and no wearable sweaters after two days in one of them. No time to thoroughly organize my room, take out the vacuum from the front desk, wash my dishes completely, buy utensils after the last ones broke – I’m up till four working on school. No time to go to my exercise classes in the morning, to go running outside or inside, to wash my face and mouth before rushing to class after three hours of sleep. No time to work on the web design commitments that I had made and wanted to do. No time to find friends and karaoke or just talk with again. No time to read new books, finish Catcher in the Rye, and do my 750 words a day of writing for my novel.

I had time for all of this back working full time. Complain complain complain, right? Is that all I’m doing? I just don’t want a repeat of my ceasefire of passion and activities and constant lateness like last year. I started out well, trying to be on time and make it to every class. I moved to a single in a calm dorm and visited helpful offices at MIT for strategies to manage my time and work effectively (like S^3) in my first few weeks. I was writing down tasks and putting things on a calendar and whatnot. Last week I didn’t even have a phone, headphones, or facebook; and it was still hard to finish everything on time (and most thing got done late).

Enough, enough, there’s work to do, let’s not get stuck in the neverending cycle of IHTFP. I don’t really understand what ’emo’ means, but since there are some bands I enjoy listening to at these times that are called ’emo’, I suppose I might be going in that direction a bit late (after middle and high school…) MUST STOP NOW – Optimism time!

I do have a resolution for the three days of class that I have upcoming…

– Attend them ALLLLLLL
– Eat 2.5-3 meals a day (even a freaking 9 AM APPLE/cereal)
– Be prepared for those two tests coming up
– Get ahead on the next 20% lab report, ecology research paper, and psets (like THIS WEEKEND)
– Kick myself off youtube for REAL (like, seriously)

Hey guess what else I’m doing this weekend?

Web design!

In fact, that’s all I should be doing tonight! For a job! (And then there’s a club that needs a site too… ahhh)

There are other things I could write about, such as

– FINALLY getting a new phone after ~ 2 weeks, as in the iPhone 4 (no S) + the included headphones that ROCK THE BASS OUT

– Two weekends (and one ‘cannot work any longer’ weeknight) of obsessing over “The Academy Is…”, TAI TV, and William Beckett even if my friends call him ‘effeminate’ (and his oh so cool BLOG!), only for him to announce on Saturday that The Academy Is BREAKING UP…….! =( =( =(

And I just got these new headphones that make their songs sound SO MUCH BETTER TOO!!!!!! Even ‘About a Girl!’ Now I love the musical arrangements 1000x more! 😡 😡 (Except the non-chorus part that sounds a bit like Disney. But Will’s awesome vocals make up for it. But with these headphones I’m hearing this song more as a sad song than a purely poppy song, and I LOVE IT MUCH MORE that way. I thin)

– Getting my bicycle free from its rusted lock after MONTHS

But no time to expound because it’s time to perfect four web site designs!

Woo hoo!

Time for my current favorite celeb EVER to cover the song above!

(He cut his hair, and I wasn’t sure what to think until he started singing… He looks AWESOME either way! William Beckett, I’ll follow you and the others wherever you all go after The Academy Is…!)

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