Crush Crush (again)

What is there to dislike? There’s his voice, which many argue is the most beautiful thing about him. But… but… look at those EYES! Are they like solid black? And that hair! Maybe I’ve been obsessed with Andy Samberg recently – not to say that guy looks like him otherwise – but that HAIR! And his FACE! And his SONGS! The guy I imagine in stories – I’m not completely sure what he looks like, but he does the same thing in each one – cheers the other characters up. And maybe sings ‘You Raise Me Up’ to them. In another music video I just made in my head. Yup yup. Well since I can’t play videos from my head here you’ll have to be satisfied by this oh-not-inspiring-at-all video of Josh Groban. While all the girls jump on Twilight actors and Johnny Depp I’ll be over here.

May I point out 2:44, 3:16 on… for your viewing pleasure?

And of course I can’t just mention this modern classic singer/crush without showing more videos…

In the one below you get a LOT of footage of Josh Groban, which makes me even happier…

This type of music is just what I needed. Just submitted an important assignment and am now ready to recharge and tackle more important assignments today. Thank you, Josh!

One more song, which is him singing my current favorite of his live… and flooring me with that performance even more than I already was, if possible…

But one more thing… why are all of my crushes so TALL? Well, I’ve gone from 6’5” to 6’3” to 5’11”… maybe eventually I’ll get them down to where they can see me without needing to kneel, or without me on a chair. Ahhh the joys of five feet flatdom. On the upside, they can’t sneak into buildings through air vents and all. Wait. I’m not saying I have…

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