Returning and Clearing the Dust

After two years since I last regularly updated this blog, I am back! I stepped over some cobwebs on the way, give me a second to turn on the fans and open the windows…

All right, let me get my grand plan posted up here on this wall.

I am envisioning a revitalized blog in this space, with a new beautiful theme. The blog would have useful, relevant content such as “web app development stories.” I would like to continue using this site as a place for creative and thoughtful posts, as time and my unpredictable mind permit. Luckily hopefully my writing style and music preferences have improved somewhat, depending on your genre of preference (sorry Carly Rae!)

Even when this area is sparsely visited, I have found that posting my goals online helps me feel accountable to an audience, as invisible as it may be while I’m just starting up the generator and getting some light back on here. So I’ll take a moment and list some of the projects that I am working on, which may be the subjects of future posts:

  • Recapping setup and database design challenges for websites I made in Django and Ruby on Rails
  • Designing their front-ends (semantic HTML, responsive CSS)
  • Creating games in Android and finishing games in HTML5 and Unity
  • Reading the 10 books on Computer Game theory that I got from the MIT Press loading dock sale last weekend
  • Learning to drive (!!!)
  • Doing NANOWRIMO (yes, I am procrastinating at the moment)

That’s a good preview of what’s to come. To the west coast: Happy Halloween!

Lastly, let me tune the radio… hmm, this is only picking up foreign frequencies for some reason, I’ll have to fix that >.>