Hi all, I am a rising college junior studying environmental engineering (…and interested in creative writing, history, public policy, making computer games, web site design, film-making… and STILL trying to decide what out of these to focus on and actually learn…). I USED to either do nothing/watch dramas and think about the complexity of life or do everything and wonder if I should be thinking more about the complexity of life. (Now I still watch them.) I am interning in DC until August 5th, and then going on an energy-study trip in China from August 17th to 27th. Watch out for travel posts!

My favorite activities are watching great movies/reading great books/dreaming of writing, biking, running, and hiking/camping in the great outdoors. If I could do two things before I die they would be to save the planet (as in do the greatest good for the greatest number of m where m = # of non-human animals + # of plants + # of selected fungi + # of humans) and write a novel.

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