This “soulmate characteristics blah blah blah” post thing might never go up…

Don’t worry, it will eventually come up. I’m sure that all of the suspense is worth more than the real thing will be whenever it comes up. I can promise you one thing – it will either come up in the next two days in all of its underwhelming glory or I’ll just stop mentioning it =P

Seriously though, I should not keep leaving this for the last minute because SOMEONE in my house is threatening to come out of her bedroom and drag me off of here for the nth time in a row. So let me get a video in and post ASAP tomorrow afternoon! I swear that I will include a recipe/environmental stuff/the long-awaited aforementioned stuff XDD

Well first off check out this link about how animals are not brainless, and how intelligence doesn’t just run through the human family tree!

And now for a VID! (Got to find more vids guys X_X) For now I’m doing TM Revolution! With SUBS!!! (on the top) Yayyyy XD