At MIT!!!!!

So now I’m here. At long last. At about 11:20 PM I arrived with the other frosh and upperclassmen on the Yellowstone FPOP (Freshman Pre-Orientation Program) on a large shuttle to MIT. We’ve spent a week together, from last Friday to this Saturday, traveling, camping, cooking and cleaning, seeing crazy sights at Yellowstone (geysers! hot springs! earthquakes! at least 3-5 places in one day!), visiting the Tetons, and perhaps most of all talking to and learning about each other.
I was blown away by the intelligence/smartness/whatever you would call it of the freshmen on this trip. Seriously. I’ll save more information on this and the trip for another time because guess what?


But that’s not all. One of my friends also applied and is a blogger too!!!!!!!!! We’re both going to be bloggers!!!!!

Maybe I’ll put a link to her blog here with her permission =)

And guess what else?

I’m lame.

I’m super lame.

I had so many awkward moments on the trip. Maybe it was just me. I need to learn the skill of gracefully starting/barging in on a conversation.

I’m not used to nerdy conversations yet. Not the ones that involve ‘nerdy’ jokes. Heck, I’m at MIT and it takes me a minute (or more) to get them. Sometimes.

I don’t know if I act like a nerd. Sometimes I feel like I need to prove that I have some form of nerdiness. Or something that makes me stand out. But, in all honesty, next to the MIT geniuses I’d rather play observer.

I mean, it’s not that bad. I’m almost sure that a lot of people like me are in awe of and intimidated by their peers here, but that’s what’s going to make this such an awesome experience. So much to learn!

Oh, and for the ultimate in lameness:

I’m staying up till three on Sunday. Why? Not homework. Luckily that won’t exist in froshland until about September 9 (gotta check this date). Not staying up to explore one of the cool events that started at midnight. Not getting pizza with my other fellow yellowstone DEAPS-ers.

I’m staying up to do laundry.

For the sake of the sanity of my roommates. And me. I don’t want a smelly room this early.

I gotta take the clothes out of the dryer.

And then I gotta wake up at 9-930.

I’ve got to find out how to un-lame myself. Fast.

Well, we’ll see what happens later today.

And I’m so lame that I can’t get a nice video up. (Well, that’s my iPhone’s fault.

Good morning.

Going to Cambridge!

As I sit here typing away on my iPhone my parents and I are zooming on a train to Boston. I’m finally feeling some sense of anticipation for what’s to come – the last two days were so filled with saying goodbyes to friends and family and getting certificates ready to mail out and doing crazy papers for work that I didn’t have time t finish packing until 3 am this morning. We were going to go by car at 7 but switched at the last minute to a ten o clock train. Even though I was the only one who packed, none of us got much sleep. My mom woke up when I was finished packing! And two suitcases are staying home for now because we couldn’t bring them into the train…
Bottom line: Pack early. Don’t schedule anything for the day (preferably two) before you leave. You never know if you might remember that you packed all your yellowstone stuff but not the toiletries and shoes and SCHOOL SUPPLIES and papers and random things you’ll realize you kind of want/need to have in a week because they were always in the other room of your house.
But I’m also buying tons of stuff when I get there, so it’s not SO bad =)
Tomorrow we’re off to yellowstone, so I may not update until the 29th! See everyone at MIT or online then XD

Day in worklife… and Shopping!!!

Vid of the day:

OK. For the purposes of this post, surfing = shopping. Surfing = shopping. Got it? Got it? Right? Come back at the end and it’ll make sense. Like after when I start talking about shopping 3/4 of the way through this post. Did it make sense? Yes? No? Maybe? Probably not? Whatever.

So I will post something different, like about the Sierra Club or sustainability or books or something, soon. But it’s only one week until I’m moving in (oh wait, one week – 1 day! Nooooo!!!).

I’ll just do what I’ve done other days and try to cover the life of an MIT prefrosh preparing for college (and working, and sitting at her computer for hours when she should be exercising, and yelling at her computer for being slow, and not catching up on sleep…)

So I wake up to find an angry mom yelling at me for not doing the kitchen (well, I did everything but the pots and wiping the counter… ^_^;;;) so I cleaned the kitchen and then ran to work, tripped on the sidewalk and fell on the nail of my thumb and my knee (both seem OK now… I think XD;) and then got there in time to splurge on my favorite gluten-free apple spice muffin from the farmer’s market before running into the ferry just in time.

We got to work… nothing really exciting, we pruned a bit but all the stuff is going to grow back anyway and we’re only back for two more days… and then we went to the bookstore and did stuff, and then there was nothing to do so we went into the computer and I showed my “colleagues” the videos from yesterday’s post =) They seemed to especially like the second one XD

Then, while we were waiting for the Governor’s Island Ferry to take us back, I suddenly spotted a bag. Not just any bag. The STRIVE 2009 Earth Day Festival bag! Basically I helped start this festival this year which took place at our school, long story that deserves a post or so of its own, but I found out that that woman had taken her kid to the festival and had a “great time” XDDD So that made my day =)

Which was a good thing because then I started walking to the back of the line for the ferry. It took about ten minutes to get there. There was a bee’s nest and the bees were seriously bouncing all around like angry yellow sparks just a few feet away from us. (That’s something to mention to my supervisor.) Anyway, I get there and Marelina calls me and she’s like “Hey! Marcela! Where are you! We’re waiting with the employees in front of the boat!”

So at the end of my fifth week working here I had to walk all the way back up the line for another ten minutes like I was a dolt and it was my first day there. Don’t even ask.

OK, time for the more interesting part of the day (besides STRIVE, that tops everything off):

Dorm shopping!

Guess what happened. You would never believe it. Not in a million years. It is a rare event. I can’t believe I saw it happen with my own eyes.

I… bought clothes that I actually kind of like!

And at Daffy’s. Shirt and yoga pants. I brought out $40 and the lady at the register was like, “Um… you don’t need that.” So my first clothing purchase of the summer (my two shirts from the spring don’t really count) amounted to <$20!

Yay Daffy's!
New Outfit!

Grr why is this sideways? Bad lighting… oh well, it looks better from the side anyway =)

I also got a cool comforter for $17 and 8 food storage containers for $6 and a pillow for $8 and a reusable bag for $0.99 and more at this place Lena showed me called LOT-LESS =) Gotta go back to see if they have headphones too…

Oh and I almost forgot the backpack! Modells’ is having a cool sale where you can get two backpacks for the price of one. But I don’t think I want TWO backpacks (each backpack has a warranty so you can replace it if it gets broken or whatever), so I got an Adidas Martin pack on sale for $35 + tax =)

Still gotta get the sleeping bag and mat, maybe from K-mart or Paragon if all else fails…

Then my dad helped me bring it all home, and I found that we had a delivery… a small rectangular box…

So I put it in the reusable bag and said, “Hey ma, could you see what’s in here?”

Very creative, I know.

But she looked and it was – voila! An iTouch. (The one that comes with the Mac.)

Mom + iTouch =

Mom with her iTouch!