Cooking Lentil Burgers and Brownies!

So I’m lazy today and am just going to put up pictures of what I’ve cooked for the past two days with this book called “Joy of Juicing!”

Lentil burgers!

Baked and made with cooked red lentils, lentil sprouts, carrot pulp, curry powder and coriander, pinch of salt, almonds, ground cashews…

And voila!

Burger on salad!

Burger on salad!



I made this twice, once for my mom and I and then again for my mom, two friends from work and myself again. I think they liked them. =P Looks like I’m making more.

And there’s also homemade lemony tahini there, just used freshly squeezed lemon juice, tahini, garlic, chick peas…

And last but not least – date fudge brownies! Made with maple syrup, dates, spelt flour, egg whites (can’t find vegan eggs X_X), and parsnip pulp! XD

Put this in the oven...

Put this in the oven...

Chow Time!

Chow Time!

Next up – perhaps some pizza, I’m going to try making my own nut “cheese” =)

Btw, totally off the subject, but I thought of a beginning to my novel! Except it’s only a beginning, and everything after it is still scrambled up! But I know what’s going to happen at the beginning!!!!! XDD

Now, time for the last part of FLOW’s three-part series!

I highly recommend that you watch them all together one after the other to see how they kind of fit into each other. I’m also adding the english lyrics below each video (this one has them – they’re not perfect but they work) so you should be able to see them if you go back to them.

Now, without further ado… (I’m having problems embedding the video, so I’ll just post the link)

FLOW – Snowflake

Food and More

Hey all, apparently July is NaBloPoMo or something (National Blog Posting Month I think) which means that every blogger is going to try to blog at least once a day for a month. Guess I already lost. Missed yesterday. But whatever. I’ll try to blog for every day this month – 1. =D

So here’s the news. I’ve been using the new freedom of the summer to COOK!!! XD Or technically (?) “un-cook.” XD I’ve been trying to reach my goal(s) from a post a while a back to exercise, eat well and stay fit, so in addition to running and biking and starting to weight train I’ve been cutting the cookies and crackers and breads by making myself stick to a raw diet for four days. It’s not like I’ll be totally strict about it (I’m probably going to break it for a meal tomorrow when I go out to this italian pasta place tomorrow with my half sister’s half sister), but I’ve always wanted to try this, and it’s turning out to be soooooooooo much fun. I’m really going to try to find a way to perfect recipes and budget stuff and time and everything so that I can make this all work in college as well. I’m ALWAYS in a bad mood when I’m unhealthy. =P

So enough talking, here are some of the things I’ve made these past four days…

Thai Coconut Bliss =)
Raw Pad Thai with Asian “peanut” dressing

Sorry, some of these are half-gone… I was hungry… > >
Carrot-cucumber sushi roll
This disappeared approx. 10 seconds after this picture was taken.
“Rawvioli” and Pear-apple pie – I’ll send pictures soon, the pie called for too many apples though… I’m going to try another recipe next time =)
The raw vanilla “ice cream” was AMAZING though! I don’t think there’s enough for a pic though =(

And lastly – Green Lemonade!!!

Yeah, the glass is only half-full XD

That’s it for now, I’ll post more interesting stuff tomorrow!

Movie time! Time to celebrate one of the hottest vegetarian celebs ever, Jared Leto XP (It’s one of my favorite videos too, cool concept that I can’t fully understand too XD)

Also check out A Beautiful Lie, their vid about global warming!