Wrote a story in 3.5 hours!

That being said, while I’m totally trying to brag I probably shouldn’t because:

A. It’s fanfiction – and on top of that, SUPERNATURAL fanfiction – and a good amount is retelling of canon events, with a subtle twist

B. It’s 3:10 AM… and I have work tomorrow… (I’m leaving early tomorrow… but have pilates that’s gonna kill me… after doing inclined sprints AND pilates today… X___X)

Whatever. I wrote more than 3000 words! So there!

Now I should really sleep. But I haaddd to brag brag brag.

(It’s so much harder to get started on the stories that have more complex plots… but practice in the craft is AWESOME…)

If you’re interested the link to it is here: Going On

If anyone wants me to post it here, let me know!!! I looooooooove comments, on posts, and I’d LOVE comments on stories =D As few as there may be at this point – just starting out!

I’m hesitating on posting it here because, well, it’s fanfiction and this isn’t a livejournal, is it? Maybe it would be cooler to do original fiction here. But not too much novel stuff, as I’m hoarding that… =P (If I did post stories I would put them in their own section and have them as their own posts.)

ETA: Also, this particular story probably won’t make much sense unless you have seen the episode it’s based on in Supernatural (2×01), since I didn’t spend too much time on the background… =(

Video of the early morning, a fitting one that has metal and punk… metalpunk? Post metal? (I have no idea how these get classified…):

Here’s an embed, just music:

And the actual music video along with the music, which you can see on youtube:

Fanfiction Revived

Video of the day (watch in HQ!):

Since I’m super lazy right now I’m going to post a Fruits Basket fanfic I wrote from long long ago (three years ago) in the middle of my fanfic obsession. I really need to finish that story, and I remember it was going to get MUCH more interesting, but I thought I’d just post a teaser and perhaps continue if anyone so requests! =) I really need to remember where it was going to go – it was going to go SOMEWHERE very interesting, but that’s only possible with motivation =PP Anyway enjoy!

I’m just including the FF link here if you want to read it – no point in posting it here because it’s too long =P.

[Edit: OMFG as I put them up I suddenly remembered what the rest of the story was going to be!!!!!! Phew…]

Oh and btw the vid above and the story have themes that will eventually go into this novel I’m writing… =) See if you can spot any (especially if I actually FINISH this fanfic!)