Life List Club!

Hey all! This is a post that will probably turn into a page, as I’ll keep referring back to it and changing it.

Inspiring symbolic waterfall from Yosemite National Park, on a hike in June 2010!

It started with the idea of some bloggers – why not make lists of goals and share them with others to keep each other motivated? So bloggers started their own life lists – I believe it is organized by Marcia Richards and Jess Wilkins, and two writers and contributors are Carrie Mumford and Pam Hawley – the writers that wrote both of the writing/productivity-focused posts I mentioned last time!

So I’m trying this out for size – seems like you make a life list (a list of goals for the next twelve months – however many you want), subscribe to other Life List Clubbers, follow #LifeListClub on Twitter, and keep your site updated on how far you are in achieving each of your goals! And anyone can do it?

Well I think I’m anyone, and I’ve clearly got a thing about ranting about productivity, so I have probably mentioned all of these in previous posts, like, multiple times shamelessly, so here goes…

I read that you can format these any way you like, so I’m starting big/just um slightly idealistic, and will reapportion goals if needed to next (next) year if necessary.

I thought it would be nice to put some long-term/realllly idealistic goals at the end so that I could take steps to get myself closer to them, whether it’s reading related books or just organizing my life and studies around them more in general. (I hope I’m not, um, breaking the rules…)

Without FURTHER ADO! Number of stars is kind of like the number of ‘YAY”s I have when I think of each goal… like ‘YAY I REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS’…

1. Write my novel! A complete, draft manuscript… in twelve months… then I can play with it for another twenty four months… *****

2. Run a marathon in spring 2012 ****

3. Run triathlons in spring 2012 (right now my goal is a sprint one, and then an olympic one?) ***

4. Run a (cross-country!) 5K in less than 23 minutes (… is this possible in… twelve months…) *

5. Design great websites – for a friend’s club, for my own club/cause, and a personal project… ****

6. Learn how to design computer games with Blender, Java/C++, and storyboard my idea (the rest will take longer than twelve months) **

7. Budget money well and be more on top of finances ****

8. Budget TIME and be on time 99% of the time ****

9. Write the 3+ Supernatural fanfiction stories that I can’t get out of my head (any writing is practice…. riiiight?) **

10. Do well in all classes, aim for a 4.5+/5.0 GPA ****

11. Read a book a week ***

12. Stay on top of the news by reading newspapers and magazines daily **

13. Blog at least every other day, and get all the “queued” posts done (reviews of books, movies, music, Department of Energy conference…) **

14. Develop my writing craft through reading (“like a writer” – Francine Prose!), taking classes (with Junot Diaz!), doing workshops ***

15. Can’t forget – write (creatively) EVERY DAY! *****

Goals that are longer-term or may eventually add to the longer list if I have time:

16. Take acting classes

17. Develop drawing and animation skills

18. Learn photography and film-making and become an expert at Photoshop and/or Aperture

19. Make AMVs to all of my favorite music (I already have them storyboarded out… in my head…)

20. Finish my computer games through a collaboration or a computer game startup (haha DEFINITELY long-term)

21. Publish my novel ********

21. Start martial arts training again ****

22. Go on a long, multi-month backpacking trip ****

23. Learn to speak Spanish fluently **

Learn Chinese

Learn Japanese

Learn and study different cultures (like a wannabe anthropologist) *

Land a dream job in environmental and climate change policy, energy, consulting, etc. … with time on the side for creative stuff (OR do that semi-random computer game startup… or just do something fun that somehow has an impact… haha that’s more of a pipe dream than a goal…) ******

Do an unassisted pull-up

Learn guitar

Learn piano

Learn synths

Yup, I stopped counting.

So let’s say the first 15 are the serious ones and the others are serious if they have *’s next to them?

Yay! Do YOU have a life list yet? Start one!!!!!!!!!!!

I probably have this video up here somewhere but this is TOTALLY what the mood of this post is: