Random Attempts to be Productive

Photos above are each from freedigitalphotos.net… free if I refer to them =)

So the thing about being productive, is that it’s hard to do if you go about it, erm, randomly…?

Yup. I believe that’s common sense to, maybe, most people. And I have plenty of empirical evidence.

Random is not a very precise term, though – you can’t really be productive when you have 2 hours and a million things you want/have to do and have not quite settled on which one to do.

Let’s go with this example:

– It’s 9:20 PM. I’ve gone to the gym (yes, one thing off the to-do list…!) so I’m sitting at the computer. Had arrived at 5 PM, eaten, and then wasted 2.5 hours distracted by the question – ‘Should I go the gym? Should I run outside? Should I… (repeat)’

– OK so back to 9:20 PM. I start…

— Researching types of brain injuries for my SPN fanfic in progress

— Looking for existing SPN fanfic for ‘ideas’

— Downloading Firefox Web Developer and going around the Drupal site to see exactly where to edit CSS (since the changes I saved in the CSS files I have… aren’t showing up…)

— Looking at the collage of open source pictures of African animals and children (pictured!) I have and want to put into a header and maybe background for this website in Photoshop

— Think out scenes of this OTHER SPN fanfic I’ve had in my head for *cough maybe two or three years cough* until it has at least ten significant characters and romance and a lot of things happening and try to refresh the scenes in my head since I thought of it last summer

— Think out scenes of this NOVEL idea I’ve been telling everyone about that’s been in my head since at least 9th or 10th (or in a vastly different form maybe even 6-8th) grade, and wonder if maybe I could use this idea I had in 10th grade about transformation that I discarded then but think miiiiight work now in it, and dream up more AMVs with my characters to music…

— Realize I have to get my Chinese visa done like this weekend/Wednesday at the LATEST (was going to go today but it was too far!)

— Realize I have to get an interview done for UPOP (MIT sophomore internship program) supposedly by the end of July

— Want to meet two friends in DC maybe tomorrow… but have to contact both of them now, oops

— Visit Dramabeans

— Visit Rebel Souls

— Look for the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument test I had taken in UPOP, where I had scored 70% right-brained and 30% left-brained, mostly falling into the upper right, ‘creative space cadet’ category and weakest in the lower left, ‘conservative, controlled, sequential, detailed’ quadrant.

I was looking for activities that develop my weak lower left quadrant. Found ‘Assemble a personal property list,’ ‘Find a mistake in a bank statement,’ and ‘Jog, don’t run.’

How do you develop your upper right brain? ‘Run, don’t jog.’ And ‘Invent a ‘gourmet’ dish and actually prepare it.’

…Is it OK if I like hanging out in my right brain?

(This is the report I found, that has that information and some more if you are interested!)

— Realized ‘I had this goal to write EVERY DAY RIGHT (and not just compare plot points and plan out mental AMVs)????’

— Decided to blog.

Now…. website or writing… website or writing…



Goals on a Friday

Off of work early (really, was I going to stay there when no one was there, and there are a million things to do?), and the plan for today is:

– Laundry

– Listen to more Mr. Meeble and Little People and Yoko Kanno

– Clean room and possibly locate passport for Visa to China

– Exercise (running or yoga? Hmm…)


If that last endeavor is successful, today (the ides of July) might go down in history. Um, at least for me. That’s totally the whole goal of this post. It will be a landmark for a beginning… or not… we’ll SEE!

Got to start somewhere, right?

(if there’s more time…

– City Hunter episode 3 [who am I kidding? This is happening whether there’s time or not…]

– Ghost in the Shell episode 1 [the thing is that I almost certainly would NOT stop]

– Configure Apache, MySQL PHP and Drupal correctly

– Finally review Oscar Wao + Joy Luck Club

– Go skydiving)

Guess what’s next?

La musica!

Thoughts on a Room – Mid July

Yup, I’m writing about those and leaving book reviews for the weekend, after I get my VISA for CHINA! (Playlist at the end!)

Video of the day (there may be anime violence, but what I saw of it was pretty tame):

(Goal #0: WATCH GHOST IN THE SHELL. I listened to the rest of the OSTs on Pandora and they are epic epic EPIC… it Oh anime I have MISSED YOU SO)

Today I was really bad… I got Matchbox pizza (veggie with tomato sauce instead of cheese), this chocolate + passionfruit sorbet (YES) at this organic place called Pitango (by the way it was totally worth it, unlike the #1 gelato place in DC called Dolcezza which for like $4.50 gave me this:

Yup, if I swirled my thumb around in a natural circle/wiggle it would cover the volume made up by that kiddie cup of ice cream. And it wasn’t even sorbet. It was like 70% Valcerona [sic?] dark chocolate. And then I thought Valcerona or whatever was actually wine or something, because it seemed like there was something that wasn’t chocolate or milk in there. It was like… a shot glass? A shot kiddie cup?

Compare and contrast –

Now this one I could hold in the palm of my hand, about. Still not extremely large for the price, but that chocolate sorbet has chocolate cacao BITS that are AMAZING and all of the fruit flavors I tried were like eating the REAL fruit…

(And then I took a pilates – I mean Xtend Barre class – that killed me, my form is still horrendous but I was still dying. And I hadn’t brought water. Aaand then I got a vegan smoothie. And a dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s. Didn’t eat it – besides a piece or three – yet!)

New career goal: open a juice/smoothie bar/vegan ice cream/lite healthy meal place that has chocolate sorbet WITH THE CACAO BITS for $3.50 or under, raw ice creams/puddings/brownies, salads like Chop’d under $5, $3.50 all fruit and nut (and maybe veggie) smoothies, the best hummus ever, the best GUACAMOLE ever, vegan samosas and lassis and dosas because they are AWESOME… (maybe whole wheat thin crust pizza too)

(I was reading this book in the bookstore about how we use different skills – feeling, thinking, sensing, perceiving – and how we have a dominant one, and the rest develop around when we turn 12 (#2), 30(#3), and 50 (#4). Or maybe I threw that 30 in there, and we develop #4 when we’re 70 or something. I’m forgetting, but I definitely remember 12 and 50.

Anyway it seems like I am more of an ISFP than an INFP, which means that my own “skills” in order of dominant to weak, according to the book, would be Feeling, Sensing, Intuition, and Thinking. I think realism depends on that last one, and maybe a bit on good intuition too. So I’ve got a ways go to before I start… thinking… =P)

Whoa so this post is called “Thoughts on a Room” – let me get to that.

I kind of felt like trying to paint a picture of an “ideal room” for myself. I feel like I can survive in either world – the world of the electronics where people have rooms or  the world of the tent or tarp – but for now clearly I’m focusing on the former. I was just thinking that in the past I might have well said ‘A tent,’ but that’s going to have to wait. Mountain climbing, Appalachian Trail-ing, and exploring the wilderness are goals on the horizon, but not short-term ones!

So back to this “ideal room”: I was trying to find pictures online of an “ideal room,” but can’t find one that really appeals to me. That’s one reason that I think I’ve developed a sudden interest in design – I’m either super inspired by graphics/artwork that scream out to me (like in games, anime, or in creative music videos) or I get bored by the lack of “that kind of design” in other things (i.e. rooms). I’ve never decorated my rooms before, always trying to keep them sparse (at least on the walls… but still making a HUGE mess) because I didn’t want to define myself too strictly – I wanted to keep myself open. Or something.

But now I know that I want to have a room that has awesome music that inspires me to design/write/or do other productive things. I’m thinking of a green/blue/dark grey low light scheme, with an awesome lounge chair and desk, a computer-turned entertainment center with stereo speakers and a remote, and a neat dark green modern bed and maybe circular carpets or platforms that lead up to the main desk. I really liked what my roommate in my living group last year had going – she had great speakers and played cool techno or trance music. I feel like there are different flavors to trance and techno, and I’m especially a fan of the anime flavor. So my playlist would look something like this:

Can’t find ‘Storm’ by Yoshida Brothers, ‘Carpe Diem’ by Yellow Generation (yes, this is more poppy – but aren’t they good?), or ‘Moratorium’ by Alanis Morisette. By the way, these are mostly Pandora discoveries. From today. From my AKFG ‘Rewrite’ station. =D

What would be a better idea – taking crazy singing and diction lessons and starting a rock/trance band, or doing that health food cafe/restaurant/bar thing?

I think the chances are the same either way. .000002% =D


A Quick Thought

Just wanted to say that this blog is not just a blog anymore… it is a procrastination tool! And not just in the sense of typing posts, but also in the sense of going back through posts and watching tons of favorite music videos… XD;;

Anyway I’m off to the Sport Tae Kwon Do barbecue, and then to Dance Troupe auditions, and then coming back here to finish chem/writing HW!!! For REAL!!!

But I have to put up another video… =)

It sounds just like a train!!! XD