ROW 80 Update – 8-3

So as part of this ROW 80 Writing Challenge all of us have to post updates every Wednesday and Sunday on our progress towards on our writing goals. Mine was to write 500 words – of just my novel – a day. And read a book a week. And I started late – most people started July 4th and I started July 31st – so this is my first “update.”

So how’d I do?

Hahaha. Well.

I blogged every day. Each post was something like 700-1000 words…

I went to work, ran even when it was 95 degrees outside…

Except for today, which I took to do laundry and PACK ahead of time so I’m ready when I go back to my home and leave DC on Saturday (after a traumatic packing experience in which I had less than a week’s notice that I’d gotten a job and had to empty my DORM room in one day… or should I say an afternoon till 5:30 AM…) (I did walk for an hour to come back from work though!)

I have also been thinking about my novel and making some decisions about character development, and sat at my computer for half an hour trying to write more than 300 words from one day…

Let’s just say that my writing goal might have been too ambitious for this week.

(I think part of the problem is that I’ve planned out so many scenes and I’m trying to write scenes that I haven’t ‘seen’ in my head or planned out completely yet, because they happen ‘first’. Tonight I’m going to try telling the story of this character I just thought of weeks ago, who I can visualize and whose scenes I can ‘feel’ right away, if this makes sense…)

BUT I’m keeping it as it is now, because of this:

To get into the routine of exercising regularly (5-6 days a week), I had to tell myself to exercise EVERY DAY first. Did that for almost two weeks, before I read somewhere that you had to take breaks. The week before I started on that? After a month of no exercise at all? I went running outside, a grand total of three times in a week. And did quite a bit of walking. I see that week now as my ‘transition’.

If I want to be a serious writer, I need to make myself work on this novel (as in the writing CRAFT and not just the plot) every day. So I see this week as my own ‘transition period’ – we’ll see how long it takes until I get in the hang of it. Today I’m working on at least 500 and up to 2000 words… but I won’t go crazy trying to catch up at this point. Slow and steady wins the race? Mayyyyyybe?

Time to read other ROW 80 updates, dry my laundry, and start writing!

(this music below would be like the background to the climatic scenes that I’m probably going to write tonight – yes, even that ending part fits! – if only I had the as much skill in writing as Yoko Kanno does in composing…)

Goals for ROW 80 – A Writing Challenge!

(I believe it is now ROW 53 for me? The original challenge, to plan and meet a writing goal in 80 days, was meant to be from July 4th to September 22nd. But apparently you can jump in every three days by writing up your goals and posting to the ROW 80 writing challenge site – the challenge would still finish on 9-22. Check it out!)

Yosemite! Mountain! Challenge! CLIMB!


So say my goal is to write 500 words of my fantasy novel a day. In 53 days I should have 26,500 words? This number doesn’t really take editing or content “borrowing” from the 40 pages I already have (and am totally destroying and rewriting) into account. I have a feeling that there will eventually be more cutting down than adding if I do this right.

So my goals are:

1. Write 500 words of my novel a day (think of it as developing a scene a day, even if it’s just a ‘background’ scene or experimenting with POV’s – anything as long as it’s story and not just planning – I’ve done plenty of that!)

2. Have 25,000 words down by September 22nd (because 25k is slightly easier to remember and say than 26.5k, and I’m sure I’ll be editing it down…)

3. By September 22nd – have a plan/outline for working on the story further (stick to a daily quota, or just stick to writing daily? Dedicate time over winter vacation, weekends, or next summer to it? Study the craft of writing more to develop my voice and style and improve the whole story? Probably going to write this plan… on September 21st!)

4. Read a book a week (part of learning/developing as a writer – that means about 7-8 books!)

I’m being pretty ambitious in these goals because now is the best time – my summer internship is ending this coming week, and I want to carry on the momentum I have been through freedom, a trip to China, and the very start of school, as best as I can. I sometimes (um often) set goals that are too much for anyone sane to handle. However, I think that this is the best way I can get my story going now, as I really need that push to get off my blog or computer and start writing what I really want to.

So the way ROW 80 apparently works is other ROW 80-ers post helpful or inspirational posts on the main site, read each others’ progress to get even more inspired, and inspire each other by posting inspiring comments?

Too much inspiration to handle… O___________O

Anyway, I’ll keep this post (which I’m making a page) updated with my progress! =)

Inspiring Blog Posts!

Hey all, this is the lazy post where I refer you to other blogger’s SUPER AMAZING ones! I’ve been surfing the blogs a bit and found a plethora of content regarding productivity, writing, design, traveling, etc. etc.
Without further ado here are two writing AND productivity related posts:

What Training for a Marathon Taught Me About Writing a Novel

Training Marathon Site

Here I just told a potential physical trainer that my goal was to run a marathon by next spring… (and, since it’s > 4 months away, a triathlon too…) and a novel at a more unspecified time, which sometimes seems like it will take another two lifetimes to get onto paper… and guess what I come across?

An inspiring post with great, common-sense advice about finishing any large goal – from a writer who has done a marathon.

New role model? =DDDD

“Why Slacking Off Might be the Key to Achieving Your Goals”

Slacking Off Post

Another writing-related post. Hahahahaha. So much of the advice you find in these blogs is advice that you’ve heard, nodded to and said, “yup, common sense, of course,” but it takes reading that advice in a well-written form, with anecdotes to support it, from someone who’s “been there done that” to actually absorb it. Like that whole “don’t be so strict – be flexible with your schedule because you aren’t going to always have time to write three hours a day – there might be an emergency.” Not that that emergency happens every week or every other day… but you know what I mean. Sometimes you need to “slack off.” (Even if the writer of that article isn’t quite what I’d call a slacker, doing software development and working out and writing, but… =P)

And awesome blog of the… um… summer! (O_O… This IS my first post about other blogs… but it TOTALLY deserves it!)

The Longest Way Home

The Long Way Home

Wow. Such a detailed travel blog. Has stories and advice for traveling in 20 countries from over 6 years of travel, from cultural notes, daily cost including hotel/hostel and food, food notes, and… whether the author thinks that that country is a place he wants to call home. Because his goal is to find a home… you can read his story and background on the about page on the site. It’s pretty amazing and inspiring, and makes the site not just a travelog, but a travelog with a unique purpose. Highly recommended!!!!!

What are your own favorite blogs or posts? I’d love to hear about them!

(Would this be complete without music? Hopefully I haven’t posted this here yet? I listen to this despite the screaming for the clean chorus =D)

Wrote a story in 3.5 hours!

That being said, while I’m totally trying to brag I probably shouldn’t because:

A. It’s fanfiction – and on top of that, SUPERNATURAL fanfiction – and a good amount is retelling of canon events, with a subtle twist

B. It’s 3:10 AM… and I have work tomorrow… (I’m leaving early tomorrow… but have pilates that’s gonna kill me… after doing inclined sprints AND pilates today… X___X)

Whatever. I wrote more than 3000 words! So there!

Now I should really sleep. But I haaddd to brag brag brag.

(It’s so much harder to get started on the stories that have more complex plots… but practice in the craft is AWESOME…)

If you’re interested the link to it is here: Going On

If anyone wants me to post it here, let me know!!! I looooooooove comments, on posts, and I’d LOVE comments on stories =D As few as there may be at this point – just starting out!

I’m hesitating on posting it here because, well, it’s fanfiction and this isn’t a livejournal, is it? Maybe it would be cooler to do original fiction here. But not too much novel stuff, as I’m hoarding that… =P (If I did post stories I would put them in their own section and have them as their own posts.)

ETA: Also, this particular story probably won’t make much sense unless you have seen the episode it’s based on in Supernatural (2×01), since I didn’t spend too much time on the background… =(

Video of the early morning, a fitting one that has metal and punk… metalpunk? Post metal? (I have no idea how these get classified…):

Here’s an embed, just music:

And the actual music video along with the music, which you can see on youtube:

Story Writing!

Random Video from the band that is now on my workout playlist:

(for some reason this vocalist’s looks and actions reminds me of the lead vocalist from Back On… like from Sands of Time or Flyaway, even if the latter has a much higher voice and is just different… or maybe I just listen to too much J-rock)

Question for you all: Are there any budding (or veteran) writers among you? If so, perhaps I’ll write a bit more about… writing! =)

Okay, here’s the plan. From 11 PM to midnight I’m going to be working on this story idea I’ve had since forever.

I’ve read writing magazines that say ‘Start Writing!’ or ‘How to Become a Writer,’ etc., at Barnes and Noble. But they say things I already know. Or heard a million (+1) times.

1. Write every day.

This one I don’t mind hearing, since you might have to HEAR it every day until you say ‘SHUT UP, I’ll DO IT!’ Took just a few years for me to say it. I’ve been on a (creative writing) roll for… less than a week. Took writing classes over others just because I knew they would make me write. But I wanted to make writing something I did on my own. Like I wanted to make exercise something I did on my own, even if I wasn’t on a team or doing martial arts. Mayyybe become an ‘athlete’ – an independent one? Mayyyybe become… an actual WRITER?

2. Know the elements and format of a story – beginning and introduction of characters/setting, conflict, climax, resolution. And maybe even get into types of conflicts – environmental, caused by others, caused by self, types of resolutions, blah blah blah…

It’s like the 5 paragraph essay. You know what it’s supposed to do, but are you really going to use it forever? How boring. There are all different types of stories, and some of them aren’t balanced – they focus more on setting, or characters, there might not even be a clear climax… a lot of ‘modern writing’ in particular loves to break these rules. (Credit to Mr. Garfinkel from AP English Lang in high school for having us demolish those five paragraphs).

You’ve got a story. What makes it interesting? Why do you want people to read it? For the journey, to live on the streets of 18th century France, smell the scents, maybe see it in a completely different lens than before? Or do you want them to read to find out what happens during the assassination of some fictional (or whatnot) president that your characters are planning?

Plot, setting, climaxes, characters – those are your elements, your tools in your sandbox. Just go ahead and make the story interesting, in whatever way works for you. The conflict-climax-conflict-climax formula doesn’t tell you how to write. Unnn-helpful.

Others: Show, don’t tell; show, sometimes tell; give characters depth; don’t use too little or TOO MUCH detail (that was a problem for me in one class)…

One thing I did find interesting was this idea: outline the story before you start. And roman numerals aren’t your only option; try using index cards for each scene!

I might actually try this (or type those ‘index cards’ out), but I think I need more scene-writing practice first.

Here’s one idea that I have, that might be useful for writers that are looking to improve their craft and descriptions, and not just their plot structure?

Details are everything. You want to know and visualize the settings in their entirety, and then translate those images into words. I think that process itself is an art form – how do you paint just the right amount of strokes, in the right places, so that readers see (and hear, and smell…) what you want them to, while also having room to enrich their experience with their own imaginations?

I’m planning on making a page for each setting that I am thinking of – whether it’s a cave or a forest trail in the west side or on the east, or a city, or school – and write all of the words and phrases that I can think of to describe them. I think this will make it much easier to write scenes and get them going, because I won’t be fishing around for words and thinking, ‘Is this cave dark? Is it damp? Musky? Are there lights on the right or left side?’ Then I can focus more on the action in each scene.

Look at the time – 11:03 PM! Guess I’ll write till 12:03 then.

One more thing (I can stay up ALL NIGHT you know… or maybe not really…):

I find music to really help me with the creative process. I just imagine music videos with my characters as I’m listening to each song. And I just had a kind of breakthrough. As in, a few new VERY important characters, a whole new plotline, and more experiences for my current characters.

This makes me incredibly happy because for the longest time I’ve been focusing on only one main plotline (with supplemental backstory plotlines), and I’ve been thinking, ‘I’m spending so much time thinking about this. What if I write it, and it’s no good – or it’s underwhelming?’

But now that I have a whole different addition to the story that is solid in my mind, and not just a wispy concept that I hadn’t totally decided on…

It’s like having multiple stories in one (technically, multiple interconnected stories in one world! If I don’t start adding worlds)!

The only issue is that the new set of events I have planned makes one side (or part of the side) clearly bad and the other side clearly the victim that started out… not as bad. But I’ve been wanting to avoid black and white in this story. I think some events may just turn out to be black and white… sometimes, as my new character says once, ‘It’s just that simple’ – but hopefully that won’t be the overall case.

Enough vagueness and rambling, hour of STORY TIME!

(Second) Video of the day (this is, I think, the song that was playing when I got the idea for the new plot arc – and no, that arc is not about an arsonist… or maybe it depends on your definition of ‘arson’… hopefully that’s not a spoiler =P And “Inner Universe” by Yoko Kanno helped me develop it further… =D):

World Building, Intro

The long-anticipated post about world-building is here!

This part was going to be short and simple, just some thoughts about what it can entail, what I think is almost essential for it to entail, and some general examples. (Short is… a relative term. Shorter than it could be?) I’ll refer to the book I discussed in one of my earlier posts, “A Short History of Myth.”

Continue reading

On Myths and the Role of Novelists

Are you interested in creative writing?

Perhaps even fantasy writing?

Or are you simply interested in discussion on religion’s role in society, and its evolution?

Well, when I decided to read and review Karen Armstrong’s “A Short History of Myth” I thought I’d be catering to the writing/dreaming crowd. I hadn’t suspected that the conclusions from this small little book would be relevant and applicable to… well… EVERYONE.

So I’ll start with that latter part – the themes and message of the book, along with my thoughts afterwards. Since that part is long, I’ll dedicate a separate post to how one could use this knowledge in one’s own writing (and world-building!).

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So I’m trying to write a novel in two days…

And I have 4.5 pages. Impressive, no?

OK, I’m fulfilling my promise of a post a day, especially since it’s June 1st and I have more than one post (yay!) so I might as well continue the trend. But I really can’t do much today. I have like a total of two minutes to make a post.

So that means that I’ll be including TWO awesome music videos!!! =)

I tried to find the DBSK Survivor one but I think it was taken down =( On the bright side though someone MADE a dance video of it with the music, so you get a crazy animated vid AND music! Check it out, it’s genius:

And here’s a song that kind of captures a ton of the emotions and thoughts that have gone into this novel (notice the environmental stuff like the tar going over the Earth XD) – I’ll put up their Rewrite song because that’s also a good theme for the novel or rather where I want it to go XD

Maybe I’ll post some excerpts eventually. Once I get over 30 pages. Right now everything combined is 20 pages – but I’ve only REALLY written ~ five because I’d written the others already XD;

OK, no more procrastinating Marcela! Time to WRITE!!!