Goals for ROW 80 – A Writing Challenge!

(I believe it is now ROW 53 for me? The original challenge, to plan and meet a writing goal in 80 days, was meant to be from July 4th to September 22nd. But apparently you can jump in every three days by writing up your goals and posting to the ROW 80 writing challenge site – the challenge would still finish on 9-22. Check it out!)

Yosemite! Mountain! Challenge! CLIMB!


So say my goal is to write 500 words of my fantasy novel a day. In 53 days I should have 26,500 words? This number doesn’t really take editing or content “borrowing” from the 40 pages I already have (and am totally destroying and rewriting) into account. I have a feeling that there will eventually be more cutting down than adding if I do this right.

So my goals are:

1. Write 500 words of my novel a day (think of it as developing a scene a day, even if it’s just a ‘background’ scene or experimenting with POV’s – anything as long as it’s story and not just planning – I’ve done plenty of that!)

2. Have 25,000 words down by September 22nd (because 25k is slightly easier to remember and say than 26.5k, and I’m sure I’ll be editing it down…)

3. By September 22nd – have a plan/outline for working on the story further (stick to a daily quota, or just stick to writing daily? Dedicate time over winter vacation, weekends, or next summer to it? Study the craft of writing more to develop my voice and style and improve the whole story? Probably going to write this plan… on September 21st!)

4. Read a book a week (part of learning/developing as a writer – that means about 7-8 books!)

I’m being pretty ambitious in these goals because now is the best time – my summer internship is ending this coming week, and I want to carry on the momentum I have been through freedom, a trip to China, and the very start of school, as best as I can. I sometimes (um often) set goals that are too much for anyone sane to handle. However, I think that this is the best way I can get my story going now, as I really need that push to get off my blog or computer and start writing what I really want to.

So the way ROW 80 apparently works is other ROW 80-ers post helpful or inspirational posts on the main site, read each others’ progress to get even more inspired, and inspire each other by posting inspiring comments?

Too much inspiration to handle… O___________O

Anyway, I’ll keep this post (which I’m making a page) updated with my progress! =)

6 responses to “Goals for ROW 80 – A Writing Challenge!

  1. Welcome to the challenge! I also tend to set heavy goals, but it sounds like you did a good job of outlining what you ideally wanted to accomplish! Good luck on the challenge. It’s really a great way to keep yourself accountable and immerse yourself in a network of writers going through the same grind.

    • Hello Lisey, thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate your feedback and encouragement =) Already started on a story scene, excited to finish (more than I’ve done in a few weeks!) =D Best of luck on the ROW challenge to you as well!!!!

  2. Welcome, Marcela! Yes, you have the right of it with ROW80. It’s a great group. You’ve got some big goals, but that’s okay. ROW80 is flexible, so you can tweak things as you go along.

    I think your point about having to make the goals big enough to push you is good. You know how you work best; you’ll find if you wander through other people’s blogs, there is a wide range of goals, word counts, and the like.

    Very glad to have you with us on this Round!

    • Hello Nancy, thank you very much for commenting! ROW80 looks awesome, I can’t wait to read the goals and progress of other participants! It’s true that you learn by seeing what works for different people, so I’ll try doing that and maybe learn more about writing and goal-making in the process! Best of luck to you too – I’ll check out your ROW80 goals as well! =)

  3. Welcome! I am a first timer (although I started at the beginning of the round) and it is an incredibly supportive community. I need to accountability of posting my check-ins!

    Your goals are challenging but that is what it is all about and you know yourself best.

    Enjoy your first week!

    • Thank you very much Em! I really appreciate your comment! This community IS really supportive – I’m using that drive now to try and catch up to the 1500 words I “need” by today, and may adjust goals, we’ll see… but continue to write in any case! See you at the next check-in!

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