Goals on a Friday

Off of work early (really, was I going to stay there when no one was there, and there are a million things to do?), and the plan for today is:

– Laundry

– Listen to more Mr. Meeble and Little People and Yoko Kanno

– Clean room and possibly locate passport for Visa to China

– Exercise (running or yoga? Hmm…)


If that last endeavor is successful, today (the ides of July) might go down in history. Um, at least for me. That’s totally the whole goal of this post. It will be a landmark for a beginning… or not… we’ll SEE!

Got to start somewhere, right?

(if there’s more time…

– City Hunter episode 3 [who am I kidding? This is happening whether there’s time or not…]

– Ghost in the Shell episode 1 [the thing is that I almost certainly would NOT stop]

– Configure Apache, MySQL PHP and Drupal correctly

– Finally review Oscar Wao + Joy Luck Club

– Go skydiving)

Guess what’s next?

La musica!

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