At MIT!!!!!

So now I’m here. At long last. At about 11:20 PM I arrived with the other frosh and upperclassmen on the Yellowstone FPOP (Freshman Pre-Orientation Program) on a large shuttle to MIT. We’ve spent a week together, from last Friday to this Saturday, traveling, camping, cooking and cleaning, seeing crazy sights at Yellowstone (geysers! hot springs! earthquakes! at least 3-5 places in one day!), visiting the Tetons, and perhaps most of all talking to and learning about each other.
I was blown away by the intelligence/smartness/whatever you would call it of the freshmen on this trip. Seriously. I’ll save more information on this and the trip for another time because guess what?


But that’s not all. One of my friends also applied and is a blogger too!!!!!!!!! We’re both going to be bloggers!!!!!

Maybe I’ll put a link to her blog here with her permission =)

And guess what else?

I’m lame.

I’m super lame.

I had so many awkward moments on the trip. Maybe it was just me. I need to learn the skill of gracefully starting/barging in on a conversation.

I’m not used to nerdy conversations yet. Not the ones that involve ‘nerdy’ jokes. Heck, I’m at MIT and it takes me a minute (or more) to get them. Sometimes.

I don’t know if I act like a nerd. Sometimes I feel like I need to prove that I have some form of nerdiness. Or something that makes me stand out. But, in all honesty, next to the MIT geniuses I’d rather play observer.

I mean, it’s not that bad. I’m almost sure that a lot of people like me are in awe of and intimidated by their peers here, but that’s what’s going to make this such an awesome experience. So much to learn!

Oh, and for the ultimate in lameness:

I’m staying up till three on Sunday. Why? Not homework. Luckily that won’t exist in froshland until about September 9 (gotta check this date). Not staying up to explore one of the cool events that started at midnight. Not getting pizza with my other fellow yellowstone DEAPS-ers.

I’m staying up to do laundry.

For the sake of the sanity of my roommates. And me. I don’t want a smelly room this early.

I gotta take the clothes out of the dryer.

And then I gotta wake up at 9-930.

I’ve got to find out how to un-lame myself. Fast.

Well, we’ll see what happens later today.

And I’m so lame that I can’t get a nice video up. (Well, that’s my iPhone’s fault.

Good morning.

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