“MIT on a Saturday Night”

Credits for the title go to my roommate, Shireen. Should I elaborate?

One word… p-sets.

Luckily, I just finished one! YAYYYYYY!!!

So I’m rewarding myself by letting myself go on this blog.

(Well, I’ve also been letting myself listen to Nickelback and AKFG’s “Rewrite” theme for Full Metal Alchemist – possibly my favorite song EVER…)

But enough! What else have I done today? (Besides OTHER p-sets/HW…)

1. Woke up at 10 =) (after going to sleep at… um… 3? 7 hours! XD)

2. Tried making a breakfast of sprouted spelt bread (from Trader Joe’s!) and almond butter, decided that I needed to find a way to make a breakfast at least an order of magnitude less lame than that + what I’ve been making for the past week (sprouted bread with hummus or… brunch with an emphasis on UNCH)

3. Put clothes in the laundry, debated over whether to put wet converses from last night in with them, and then just tossed them in (at 11:30?)

4. Stood around wondering if I would have time to get the laundry dried before going to the first day of Dance Troupe (I know how to spell it now!) auditions (which were at 1)

5. Went back to laundry, took shoes out (not totally clean/dirt-free yet…), and decided to wash the rest of the clothes again (12:15)

6. Went to the laundry, put the clothes in the dryer (12:55), and ran to grab lunch (and a cookie) at subway’s before going to the audition (I stopped looking at my watch by then)

7. Went to the Dance Troupe auditions, which were really a showcase by the choreographers, so I was able to sit with the crowd and watch a bunch of awesome dances that I could only dream of doing (hip-hop! Some ballet/contemporary/jazzy stuff! Even belly-dance!), and decided to audition for the (only) beginning hip-hop dance group

8. Met with my roommates and friends from one of their pre-orientation programs (Freshman Urban… Program I think – it lasted a week and now they’re such a big yet tight-knit group! It’s awesome)

9. Left to do some much needed shopping, then checked my iphone on my way and saw a reminder about free fondue in the Chocolate Club room!

10. All I can say is… dark chocolate + fruit = heaven =d

11. Went to go shopping for REAL this time, on a quest to find Whole Foods in Cambridge… and ran into the Harvest Co-op…
*Whole Foods mission aborted*

12. Left the Harvest Co-op with brownie mix, applesauce, vegan carob chips, pita bread, jam (for pita/spelt bread/almond butter/jelly sandwiches!), and cold CEREAL in a paper bag (I’ll remember to bring my own next time!!!)

13. Continued walking on Mass Ave on a quest to reach Harvard and… show off my MIT-ness?

14. Realized that there were still p-sets to do and turned around
*Mission reach Harvard aborted*

15. It started pouring and then it started POURING and my paper bag started pouring out my stuff…

16. But I reached MIT before everything fell apart! =)

17. Before going to the dorm – I remembered that the batteries in our McCormick Wii sensor needed to be replaced, and though I sent in a request and checked pretty often they were not being replaced, so I went to buy batteries at the store on campus (LaVerde’s) for almost $7

18. Then I FINALLY got back to the dorm, put my barely-together bag down on the ground, and asked the person at the desk, “Can I replace the batteries on the Wii sensor?” *holds batteries up*
Person at desk says: “Oh, I’m actually in charge of the Wii, and I got them replaced today. You’re all set.”
Me: “Oh…” *holds batteries up*
Person at desk: “Don’t worry, you can use them for something else you need them for now.”

New quest: Find devices I own besides the Wii that use AA batteries. I’ll … um… keep you posted on that XD

19. 7:30 – I run out of my dorm across the length of the infinite corridor and further to “ballroom dance camp” – my second class! Last time we learned swing + something else, and I met my friends Ying and Jiae from my high school that are now going to Wellesley! XD But this time there were only like 10 people there, most of them, um… not school-age =P But we still learned the… oh shoot, what was it… rumba?
And I learned something else new: I can’t do the “dip” for my life… X_______X

20. Went back to the dorm to play a long-awaited game of Wii DDR with friends Mark and Cathy! Stay posted for news on a DDR club… if there’s still time once things start speeding up school-wise…

21. And now it’s 2:30 and my roommates are asleep. I’m going to bed before 3 this time.

Things to do tomorrow:
Chem p-set (really due Friday)
Writing reading and one-page response (for Tuesday)
Going over the 18.022 p-set with someone perhaps?
Sorority pledging!
Dance troupe auditions!
Writing a chapter of my novel! (I’m going to start this before 5 PM tomorrow and try REALLY hard to get it done! Really!!! Time to improve my writing habits!)
Time for sleep! (Ahem… tomorrow = today = now XD;;)

Now for the most awesome MV ever!!! Everyone HAS to watch Full Metal Alchemist, by the way! This is the fourth opening of the anime series!

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