At Work all Alone

Hm, so I’m supposed to be at work at 8, the bus I needed to take was a bit late so I arrived at 8:03. There was no one in the office. Trust the day that I arrive within five minutes of when I say I will to be the day that I don’t have the key. And also the day the people who I work for, who had said they’d open the door for me, aren’t there.

After I went upstairs to borrow one (I could get in the building, but not the large office room) they let me in.



So I’ve been here since 8:15, looking up sensors and reading things like this


and making things like this

and grabbing food I brought from this


and discovering Asian Kung Fu Generation on Pandora!!! That (almost) made my day.

I just hope I wasn’t supposed to go somewhere and missed them leaving by 3 minutes. Apparently there’s a new intern today too – maybe he’s invisible, but he’s not here. There are only two people working in this space, but without either it’s kind of lonely.

So I decided to take an early lunch break and blog =)

Gonna heat up some awesome Trader Joes butternut squash soup, then back to work!

Video of ze day:

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