Weekend in DC – Part 2/1.5

This isn’t being written from Barnes and Noble. Even though I said I would write it from there.

I was there working on this scholarship thing from my mom’s bank due today. Before that I was walking around for more than half an hour from George Washington to Georgetown – from around 25th street (where Trader Joe’s is – I was kind of famished after exercising and having breakfast at 9, and it was 3, so I went to grab a few apples and supergreen bars but the line went all the way around PAST THE DOOR and I was like no) to 35th street (and going between streets in DC is like going between avenues in Manhattan) all the way to this place from Yelp called Super Green (!?) or something and thought they’d have cheap vegan ice cream and sandwiches but turns out they have salads and froyo…

So I got a salad (whoa! If anyone’s the queen of total 360s 180s… 7 days straight of exercise, no chips or crackers except pita bread with hummus as a meal, no cookies – except if my roommate makes them tonight – and spinach SALADS?)…

Sat by this brownish river to eat it and listen to The Economist talk about British politics and their coalition that was miraculously working well and Google’s new computer thing that only uses an internet browser, walked 4-5ish blocks to Barnes and Noble, drank ANOTHER vegan smoothie (sooooooo thirsty need a water filter not trusting our oldish tap), finished a personal statement for that scholarship thing…

And said ahhhhhhhh I can ENJOY LIFE now and started reading this ID magazine, two minutes of skimming to learn why moons don’t have moons or would only have them very briefly and see that there’s an 80 foot portable skyscraper being built for people that might need to be rescued in the case of a tsunami and we might only be able to use cell phones for two more years before we run out of bandwidth based on current technology and a bridge designed to generate energy by 2013 and…


Fire ALARM! In Barnes and Noble!

Sooooo I’m on the street outside of Barnes and Noble, there are like 50 people and counting that were all hidden in the bookshelves on the street too, there’s this four year old walking by telling her parent “but it doesn’t make sense, mom, there’s no emergency” and then the fire trucks that have to come come and I’m NOT waiting so I leave.

Got to go back to Trader Joe’s and get food for the week! Including grapes as a snack… they didn’t have their awesome almond cashew chocolate mix, and I grabbed this one with peanuts and raspberries and a chocolate chip density of .0005%… blech. Bad choice. Made brown rice pasta with vegetable stock. Need to work a bit on my pasta-making skills. Maybe take classes. Better not tell anyone I cooked at pika or I’ll ruin our reputation… (ok, I can deal with NORMAL pasta just fine most of the time, fyi…)

Finished application/boring stuff and that was my day. Didn’t even get to start an Asian drama. SOOOOOOOOOO tired right now.

Hey but I did make “pages” (kinda! they’re based on post categories) =D One day when I actually get to the CS section of the bookstore or library I’ll make this whole layout/navigation thing nicer.

(Might have a part 3/2.5 with a story from Saturday, because that was a whole ‘nother adventure. If I feel like it – not a promise yet. Being careful.)

Personal Goal: Fulfill promises made

Because I don’t want this guy to yell at me.

(In case it wasn’t clear Taku says “HEY LIAR!”)

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