e ikimasu. (is where I’m going.)

But I would feel horrible neglecting my blog before Yellowstone, so let me just post the…

Things you should know about Jay Chou:

– He acted as the lead in, directed, wrote, and played piano himself in his movie “Secret.” That in itself is enough for a post.
– He writes the music for his songs, directs his music videos, and, um, sings his songs.
– He combines elements of world genres (rap, pop, etc.) and uses it all to make music that is unique and yet never forgets its chinese roots. (Unlike 99% of those asian boy bands that are out there that people can semi-justifiably call the “Asian Backstreet Boys” – I’m talking about you Fahrenheit and Arashi and DBSK and SuJu and News and Kattun… well at least SOME of you make up for it by dancing XP)
– He uses a lot of familial themes in his songs, honoring people like his mother and grandmother, talking about how family and the land can help us recover during hard times (see the vid from my last post!), and even addressing themes that are apparently kind of taboo in China like domestic abuse (I think the vid is called “dad i’m back” but I’m not posting it here – kinda sad)
– Oh and he apparently hates being famous and runs away from the paparazzi, wants his privacy too – not a sell-out by any means

Basically, he’s awesome.

Oh, and kind of hot too. Talk about the complete package.

And did I emphasize his MAD piano skills?

Anyway, if you haven’t already, watch Secret. On or somewhere. I will make you.

Here’s the MV for the movie, but you HAVE to see the actual movie!

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