Day 24 in DC

Got to go to a bus garage at 10, learn a bit more about controllers and ladder logic and whatnot… and see a REAL BUS WASH!!!!!!

I’d post my video but it looks like I need an upgrade for that, I’ll find a way later, sorry! The cues in the following paragraph are for the video once I put it in…

One of the brushes wasn’t on the whole time it was supposed to be on (turned off after :11, and the wheel wash parts (around :50 – those grey things on the bottom) didn’t turn on. So I was like, “Is it safe to walk over here?” and my other supervisor that you couldn’t really hear was like “Um, there should be water spraying all over in that area but I guess there’s not, so why not.”

In any case, I’ve definitely got work to do this summer!

So after that, I get dropped off right outside the bus garage, at White Flint Station in Montgomery County, Maryland. Northwest of Washington. My office is like on the other end of the map.

It’s 1:30 and breakfast was an apple and half a pita and a Green Plus bar so I’m like FOOOOOOOOODDD

But, like, I’m seriously starving. Usually I have extra Green Plus bars when I can’t prepare stuff. (I edited out a part that sounded too much like unpaid advertising and was annoying to ME, but just want to say they’re my favorite energy bars so far! Yummmmy.)

So I’m out. I don’t have any food with me. And I’ve been hungry since like 12 or a little before then, when I was trying to concentrate but my tummy was putting all its strength into the competition for my attention right then. But I survived until 1:30. Almost ate my cell phone while trying to find places on yelp until I found an organic vegetarian Chinese place on the block across the street! Who knew?

Thing is, fifteen minutes later when I have the takeout in my hand, I can’t eat it because there’s no park to sit at, and they don’t let you eat food in the metro stations. And I’m kind of an employee for the metro so…

Anyway I’m sitting with my organic veggie moo shu in the train, still looking for a stray energy bar every other stop. Get to have that moo shu one paper bag away from being in my stomach for an hour.

2:30 PM – Bus Station! 15 minutes till my bus was going to arrive sooo…


No hand sanitizer? Avoided eating the wrapping parts of the moo shu. And then ate them anyway. Not bad, although the vegetables were bland without the sauce. Suppose that’s what makes it healthy?

3 PM – At the office

*incredulous stare from the guy that’s not quite my “supervisor”, the latter of whom was somewhere far away*

“Why’d you come all the way back here? You could’ve just gone home…”

4:30 PM – Only have two hours of work to make up, rather than 3 and a half! Woot!

Pilates and swimming, pilates and swimming… due to finances and time I might have to choose between the triathlon trainings, which I could probably replicate at my gym and save on travel time, and pilates which is right in Georgetown…

Oh I need to register with Masters Swimming before swimming and crap and… OK, just pilates it is! Classes at 6:30 and 7:45…

6:30 – *gets off of bus at around O street where the computer said the pilates place was*

But where IS it?

*looks up place with phone*

It’s on M street?

6:42 – *at M street*

You’re joking.

7ish – *grabs a veggie wrap and eats half, waiting for later class*

7:35 – “Sorry, our classes are full for today, why don’t I reserve you a space for tomorrow?”

8 – *walking back to the dorm*

But I HAVE to exercise! And the gym closes at 9! And I need FOOD because I NEVER WANT TO STARVE LIKE THAT AGAIN

8:45 – *gets back to dorm with soups and energy bars*

“Hey roommate let’s go running!”

“I’m sorry, I still have work to do…”


9 – *running in the dusk/dark trying to do 6 miles*

Shit… I’ve got to…

Whoa did I become Yoda?

I think this is gonna be like 2 or something cause I’m turning back here.

10 – Did this whole day happen because I ran 5 hilly miles and then didn’t really fuel or hydrate myself well afterwards?


But hey I spent like almost FOUR HOURS wandering around for the SAKE OF EXERCISE and got some done OKAY

I actually went running in the evening (even though my parents are going to kill me if they read this) because I wanted to make sure I had something to blog about =)

The reflecting pool I ran past to the east of the Lincoln Memorial Circle was BEAUTIFUL! Out of this world. I would have taken pictures if I’d had my camera/phone. Definitely checking it out again =)

Yayyy resolutions!

Video of the day: best Scotch Mist song!

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